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Life is Too Short To Waste On Cruddy Books [Infographic-Why We Abandon Books]


Don’t know about you, but I don’t have enough time to read good books—much less bad ones.

Why Do We Ditch?

Over the years I’ve tossed quite a few into the library donation pile before finishing them. I abandoned Anna Karenina as a teenager. It has classic status, though, so I hung onto it until I was in my late 20s and picked it up again. Abandoned it once more, and then picked it up a couple years back. Yup, it still bored me to madness, so it was time for a permanent good-bye. Hopefully someone at the Lancaster Public Library annual book sale had better luck with it.

I’m not alone in my desire to NOT read boring books. According to this cool abandoned books infographic from Goodreads, about 46% of readers have stopped reading because a book was “slow, boring,” while 18% closed it up for “weak writing.” As a reader, I identify. (I abandoned Twilight because I thought Bella was poorly drawn. Plus I wanted to punch her in the face. Disclaimer: I write. Writing is hard. All criticism comes from a place of love.)

As a writer, it’s a good reminder of what any reader wants from their fiction. He or she is spending hard-earned money to purchase entertainment. That means it’s my job to entertain (i.e. not bore them to madness) and do it in a way that’s clear and understandable to that audience (i.e. write quality, not crap).

Take a gander below, and then feel free to share…what books have you ditched mid-read?

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