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Friday Fun – Writing Awesomeness, From a 4th Grader

Over the last few days, a thank you note written by a 4th grader has been making the viral rounds. It was penned by a kid, delightfully named Flint, expressing his appreciation to meteorologist Albert Ramon, who had visited his Texas classroom. I don’t want to dilute the note by paraphrasing it, so check it out for yourself:

This note makes me realize how much I love the creativity of young boys.

This note makes me want to write about jewel-encrusted thrones and cyborg unicorns.

This note makes me want to write copy using the term “pretty dang sweet.” (But I promise to avoid that urge, dear clients.)

Yes, some have questioned whether the writing is genuine, but as mom to a 6-year-old boy with a similarly active imagination I’m ready to believe in Flint. Keep writing, buddy!

And I am so asking for a unicorn servant for Mother’s Day.

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